Why do people search for crossword puzzle answers?

People who solve crossword puzzles using crossword puzzle help normally are trying to do nothing but fill up the white squares with letters, which form words or phrases. This, they do by solving the clues which give them the answers. Crosswords appearing in most North American newspapers and magazines have solid white squares, which have to be filled up in order to solve the puzzle. The answers must contain at least three letters.

Crosswords in countries like Britain, South Africa, India and Australia have a lattice structure with 25% of an area filled with shaded squares. For example, if the top row of a puzzle contains one across answer then it is very unlikely that there is other across answers in the second row.
When do people search crossword puzzle answers?
People resort to crossword puzzle answers under the following circumstances:
• When they find it difficult to finish their crossword puzzle
• When they have an elusive clue to follow
• When they cannot find the missing crossword solution
• When they want to solve their puzzle quickly
• When they are tired of solving the puzzle but at the same time they want to know the answers to the clues
• When one of their crossword clues has a multiple word answer
Under the above conditions, people opt for searching answers to the clues on a website, which offers a crossword solutions wizard.

You can also resort to a crossword solver which will also perform the same function that a crossword solutions wizard performs.
There are two breeds of solvers namely:
• Puzzlers
• Riddlers
Puzzlers are normal people who also work to solve puzzles. They can vary from the casual solvers to the staunch solvers.
On the other hand, riddlers are special kind of solvers who live and breathe puzzling. They are so captivated by the process of solving puzzles that they attack all aspects of solving.