Turmeric and its use in the treatment of cancer

Turmeric has been discovered to be able to reduce the rate at which cancer is growing in one’s body. Studies have proven it; turmeric is a short way of substituting what carcinogenesis does for cancer patients. What happens is that the turmeric tends to suppress kinase production and it is this kinase, if too much in the body that causes cancer. Turmeric is also known to lower oncogene levels, oncogene is a gene that causes cancer.

It has been proven through a study how scientists inhibited the growth of TPA that was as a result of tumor on rodents. No body argues it that turmeric helps to shortens and even cancels many pathways through which cancer can attack one’s body. Many studies have shown that turmeric can close the pathway of genetic mutation. Another test was carried out on humans that smoke in India and it was discovered that ardent smokers that refuse to give up on smoking, after taking ultra pure turmeric for the space of thirty days, 40 % of tobacco was reduced in their urine by the turmeric that they took.

Also, ultra pure turmeric can be used to improve one’s skin condition by adding one spoonful of turmeric with coconut or jojoba oil. One can use this to improve his or her acne as a cream, by when using it, all the surroundings of where was affected by the acne must be covered. One is to leave it for about 20 minutes so that it can dry after which one goes to bed like that overnight. Tis should be done for more than a day and surprising one will see his or acne disappear. Another way through which the acne can be treated is to take spoonful of turmeric, also a spoonful of sandalwood powder. After which water is added to make it like a paste and one can apply it to the acne.