The proportional tactics

Among all the giving of the womb of the Mother Earth that supports our living, there are different compounds that either prove rightful for the existence of the human population or prove highly toxic for them to consume it even once. The same tree could bear a fruit juicy enough to be consumed or even produce the lumber that can be built into an axe to cut the same. A compound extracted from the tree can either be beneficial for a particular group of organisms, or may prove lethal for some other. Therefore, the same could be a medicine for a group of mortals and may be poison if taken in some higher quantity. Hence all such decisions have to be taken about the proportions to be consumed by the person and the kind of consumption pattern to be decided.

In accordance to the similar claims made it can be verified by the fact of the matter prepared and proposed by the tea tree oil. The pure tea tree oil although belongs to the medicinal plant of Melaleuca alternifolia but it is highly lethal when taken as a part of oral consumption. The pure tea tree oil is thus consumed in small proportions for deriving medicinal benefits that too with supporting compounds to resist the effects of harmful compounds within. Although the medicinal effects have been denied and defied by the modern scientific researches, the traditional uses confirm the presence of medicinal qualities that can cure the acne over the face and remove the lice over the head of a person. Hence it cannot be trusted quite easily by the man for the treatment of their health problems but can be further analyzed to extract the benefits out of the compounds making it an oil extracted from the trees.