The Best Portable Vaporizer

The Elite delivers on essential attributes we needed in a portable vaporizer—foremost quality good vapor, enough that you had never think of smoking instead—along with pocket size worldwide that is, Micro USB charging, adequate battery , and that is life simple cleaning and minimal with reloading disassembly. Plus, the device has features you seldom see in the under-$200 price range like a digital display for battery life and conduction heat, mixture convection, and precision temperature control. In a test of our eight finalists among an organization of Los Angeles Wire cutter subscribers with an assortment of volcano vaporizer acquaintance, everyone impressed with nice flavors, appealing design, rich finish, and its clear-cut controls. It was the one our examiners said they’d be most likely to purchase for themselves and the one we kept reaching for in everyday use during the previous several weeks, while its vapor quality cannot compare to models costing twice as much.

With a design that is intuitive and nearly as accurate as that of our pick, powerful battery life, and dependable, consistent performance, it is a satisfactory option to the Elite.
Conduction heat, vapor that is trusted, consistent performance, and a warm, cooked flavor make the volcano vaporizer a powerful option to the Elite. A group of LED status lights display one of its eight temperature settings and change color to reveal the battery status—readable, but not quite as intuitive as our pick. The metal in the Peak airway is not as simple as our pick’s to clean, but it does share the suitable inclusion of Micro USB charging via a USB-C connector. The Peak is a brand new variation of this product (it replaces our previous runner up, the Peak) and this version features a significantly updated battery, a surprisingly helpful and astonishingly uncommon onboard stir stick, and smartphone controls for temperature (we nevertheless believe the onboard controls are more straightforward to use).