Summoners War Cheats

A bit history of me, now I am floating around Guard 3 in Asian server to Guardian 2 on international normally I am floating around position 80 to 350. With summoners war cheats, I Will let you know what I will do if I need to play from level 1 again to early game: given no cash (f2p)
The reason I call early game because until you got lv 30, it is hopeless for you (f2p) to achieve combatant standing steadily. Additionally it’ll be really difficult for you personally to farm essences efficiently.
Below are a few suggestions:
1. First and foremost, perhaps a question rose by a lot of people. Can I purchase premium can I purchase 2x exp or can I simply do crystals summon every time I got 75 meth or pack?
What I’d do is I’ll wait until 750 crystals (getting 750 meths is super simple on early game even with f2p), and do mystical summon. Why? Because additional 1 MS may be worth to wait, because what I recalled is, during my early days (still f2p) I can open 1 premium pack every 2 to 3 days. And this speed is satisfactory.
2. Constantly summon MS as your first priority
Do your MS before you get farmer/take nat 4stars (or nat 5stars) creature which consisting of (but not limiting to) : water sylph, wind joker, wind sylph, wind phantom thief, and other creatures (see other’s guide about great nat 4 creature) 3. Getting your early game creature able to take you until lv 40
So, how if you’re just one of the very despised man by RNGesus and cannot pull on great creature that is nat 4 or 5? Here will be the lists of 2 stars creature to take you:
Ramagos : In the event you got bad luck, he undoubtedly the number 1 man should lift. He is able to help you farm hydeni ruins with a few adequate rune at lv 35, can take most of elemental B6 hall readily down, can bring you additional etc., on arena Maximum him ability (wind and fire war bear are 2stars, therefore it’ll be super simple to maxing his ability), and give him 3x energy establish with all HP% on him, and you are good to go. Additionally even at end game ramagos is basic because tons of fire team for arena.
Sieq: Believe it or not believe it, but com2us give you the best Summoners war cheats (other than ramagos) right from the start of the game for free. Should you not got other fantastic dd or lushen, sieq is more than enough for you to reach lv 40 readily. Even I personally believe he’s 6-star worthy. Rune he with speedy/Lethal/Fury blade with atk on slot 2 / atk and 6 / crit Rate / Crit damage on 4. However no maps can be farmed by him unfortunately.