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Whenever you read sizegenetics results online of other users, do you wonder why no one or none of them writes about the process being painful and leaving them bedridden for many days or hours? This is because the process is never painful. Some men who used it have complained of pain and with most of these men, a check from their doctor conformed they had some issues with their penis that they had to deal with or treat which is why they felt pains. The process of using this device is completely pain free and there is no way you will feel pains in any way.

Also, it is very safe. The level of safety that people wish to have where such devices are concerned is justifiable considering how important their penis is to them. However, most of the devices and products available on the market today present some form of harm to them. However, sizegenetics before and after stories make it clear how users have not experienced any harm with their health or side effects that they will have to live with forever. These shows how safe this product is and how you can trust it.

Also, one last benefit is that, the results of using sizegenetics are permanent. Just think about the times when you have heard friends use other methods of male enhancement to have the size of their penis reduce when they stop using the product. Well, that is never what you get with sizegenetics. Since the process used to have your penis enhanced is natural, it stays forever. All you need to do is to make sure the penis extender exercises are followed through with and you will see that the results you experience will never go anywhere forever. This is what you should itch for.