Joy Mangano net worth shows why she is called richest celebrity

Woman entrepreneur Joy Mangano net worth is quite impressive. She is basically an American native who proves herself as a successful inventor, businesswoman and entrepreneur. At present her designation is LLC and Ingenious Design’s president. In American television channels she frequently appears as a special guest. The Story of a film “Joy” is inspired by the real life story of Mangano. She is indeed a successful and celerity woman.

• Life of Mangano
In 1956 at New York City Mangano was born in American – Italian family. She involved in veterinary hospital at the teenager. After having got her graduation degree in business administration from Pace University she looked for a job. But in 1990 she had come up with her invention called “Miracle Mop”. Needless to say she got her new identity and her entire life had been changed with the invention of Miracle Mop. It had truly been proved miraculous.
• Contribution of Miracle Mop in the Joy Mangano net worth
In 90s while people were struggling with ordinary mops, she had developed a self-wringing plastic mop. And in 1992 QVC TV channel had given her a platform to show her newly invented product; soon after she started getting positive response. Her new creation “Miracle Mop” sale began.
According to the statistics often 18000 mops are sold in 30 minutes. Within ten years her company is selling $10 million worth mops. At present Joy Mangano net worth is standing on her company that makes more than $150 annual revenue. Now people also see her face in short advertisements and promotions where she pitches her product’s features.
Mangano is able to enrol her name in the list where famous businessmen and businesswomen names are enlisted. World know them by their name and fame. Being a woman Joy Mangano net worth againproves she belongs to richest celebrity family.
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