Identifying original Rolex watches

With the improvement of technology, all the best products have been copied and fake or Rolex Replica Watch products are already present in the market. These are so much perfect that you may not even distinguish between them. It creates a situation in which you may be sold a fake watch at the price of the original one. To prevent this, you must know how to identify them. Let us discuss the distinguishing conditions.

Test Conditions
The first distinguishing point is the revel, which rotates in the counter-clockwise direction in the original ones. But in the faked ones this revel rotates in both directions. But most of the high-quality Swiss replicas are correct here and also rotate like the originals. When the bezel is clicked, it can be clicked for 120 times to get a full rotation. So if you want to try the watch in your hand, just click 30 times and see if it had rotated for a quarter turn. Most of the replicas, but not all, fail to copy this feature and thus this test is not 100 percent perfect. The six and nine writing font has been changed to close in the new LV Submariner and thus this is the best test. If you find a watch with open six and nine then it has to be a fake one.

One of the best tests of Rolex replica is the maxi dial. This maxi dial tells that the hour and minute hand are a bit fatter in the submariner. These hands are not that fat in any of the other Rolex and thus if you see a thin dial in the LV Submariner, you simply need to move away from the watch. These were some of the best tests that you can perform to distinguish the replica Rolex watches from the Original ones.